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This then takes us to the menu management page:
From here we can see the menus available, and the menu items within each. We can
create new menus using the Add menu option, and add new items using the Add
menu item option. Items can easily be reordered by editing the menu item and then
using the drop-down list to select where the item appears in the list. The menu item
edit screen is as shown:
Changing menu item position just involves selecting the item's parent item in the
menu, and altering the weight. The parent item defines where the item appears in
the hierarchy of the menu, and the weight defines in which order the item appears
compared to other items in the same level of the menu.
Default Homepage
The page that acts as the default homepage within our site is set in the Site
information options, which can be found in the Site configuration section of the
Administer menu:
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