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Photo Gallery
There are other settings and options available for blogs, such as RSS feeds,
comments, permissions, and so on, but we will leave those for you to figure out on
your own if you wish to use the blog module.
Photo Gallery
Adding a blog was really simple; unfortunately to add a photo gallery, which Doug
wants for his museum, is more complicated. This is because there are so many
different modules available including:
Flickr Gallery —integrates with your Flickr album
Gallery —integrates with your gallery installation on the website
Lightbox —can be used to create a Lightbox gallery
We can also create complicated galleries using views, Image Field, and Content
Construction Kit modules.
Doug is not sure how he wants his gallery to work, and is going to think about this.
We'll come back to it later, once we have looked into enhancing our store and adding
images to products.
In this chapter, you have learned:
How to create content in Drupal
How to manage menus in Drupal
How to define our homepage
How to create a contact form and a blog using additional modules
Now that we have looked into Drupal's fundamental features, let's move on to
planning our e-Commerce store, and looking into our product catalog in
Chapter 3— Planning Your Shop.
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