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Chapter 3: Planning Your Shop
Planning Your Shop
We now have Drupal with the e-Commerce module installed, and we have a basic
understanding of how Drupal works, so let's start planning our shop. As well as
discussing some general planning advice, we will also plan our online shop,
Doug's Dinos.
In this chapter we will cover:
Things to think about when planning to sell online
Legal issues that we need to consider
The structure of the shop
Things we need to convey about our products
Ways to take photographs of our products to show them off to our
potential customers
Planning to Sell Online
Selling online is similar in many ways to physical selling, both aim to sell products
or services to customers; however, online selling has a number of crucial differences
compared to physical selling.
With online transactions it is easier for someone to use a stolen card (no risk of CCTV
cameras catching them unlike in a physical shop) so we are at greater risk of fraud,
which could potentially result in more chargeback requests from purchases, which
introduce additional costs.
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