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Legal Issues
A brief example of how this can be a problem, even with a genuine transaction—I
received a number of emails recently thanking me for ordering products from
various websites. The person ordering the products was not me, but shared my
initials, and must have entered the wrong email address. As it was my email address,
I could cancel the order, and in some cases log in to an account page of the company
to view the order. From here I could have potentially made more orders, since card
details may have been stored on file, or changed the shipping address. As for the
consumer, they would either have more than they bought or their items would not
arrive, and the seller would face charge backs and have an upset customer.
Our errors can cause great problems to our store. If we were to make a mistake with
a product description, we could get an increased number of returns, whereas with
a physical sale the customer would see the product for themselves and not need to
read a description (other than what may be provided on the packaging).
With selling any product or service, the customer is entitled to purchase the product
or service at whatever price is advertised, regardless of any mistakes in price. With
physical selling this is less of a problem:
It may just be on one product whereas with an online store, a price mistake
carries through to every single one of those products, even if there are
hundreds in stock.
In a store, a customer could easily ask if the price is correct for an overpriced
item, whereas an online buyer would be more likely to just abandon the site!
We would be more likely to notice these issues while we are walking around
a shop we are working in, but with the website, we may only check it now
and again, or only check the administration areas.
Besides the software that we have already downloaded and installed, there are
other things that we will need to get our online store up and running. The other
technical requirements will be discussed later in Chapter 10— Securing, Deploying, and
Maintaining Your Shop.
Legal Issues
As with most things in business, and in life, there are a number of legal issues we
need to be aware of and consider:
The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Disability Discrimination Act
1995 (UK), and general Accessibility guidelines
The Distance Selling Act (UK)
The Companies Act (UK)
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