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Trade Descriptions
Trade Descriptions
I mentioned earlier about the issues arising with incorrectly pricing and describing
goods. Many countries have trade description laws to ensure product information is
accurate, and what the consumers' rights are with respect to incorrect descriptions
and pricing. You may already be aware of such laws if you have a physical store;
these laws are important and you should look into them in more detail.
Spam Laws
Because our store will be online, we will most likely be taking our customers' email
address when they order online, and using this to send emails—be these emails
regarding their order, or promotional marketing. Because of the overwhelming
amount of spam emails being sent, many countries have imposed laws regarding
emails that can be considered spam. Generally, you can only email individual
marketing promotions to those individuals who have agreed to receive them and
they should have the option to opt-out (businesses are often a different case),
although many websites still send spam even when they are a reputable company. In
2003, the US introduced the CAN-SPAM Act to regulate the sending of spam, email
content, and methods to allow recipients to unsubscribe.
Privacy Policies and Data Protection
It is important that we tell our customers exactly what data we will be collecting
from them and what we will be doing with it. This should be in the form of a privacy
policy; templates of these can normally be purchased from legal sites for a nominal
fee, or directly from solicitors or lawyers. Some countries also impose data protection
laws, which govern what data you can collect and what you can do with it. In the
UK for instance, there is the Data Protection Act, which even defines that data can
only be used for the intention it was initially collected for, and recommends various
security procedures for safeguarding the data collected; there is even a registration
process to register as a data controller.
General Planning
We have looked briefly at the legal issues and one or two other issues; now let's start
planning the shop itself. The shop we will be creating throughout the course of this
book, as discussed in Chapter 1, is Doug's Dinos—a shop selling model dinosaurs
and also providing information on dinosaurs through the rest of the website.
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