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Product Types
Product Types
There are three main types of product that are sellable using Drupal e-Commerce:
Apparel—clothing e.g. T-Rex T-Shirts
Shippable goods e.g. model dinosaurs
Non-shippable goods e.g.
Services—Dinosaur repair and repaint
Media—Downloadable booklets on dinosaurs for teachers to
use in lessons
Privileges—Customers could pay to access other areas of
the website
As our shop is mainly concerned with model dinosaurs we will be mainly selling
shippable goods and creating those types of products; however, we will also look
into the other types, so we can see how to use them if the Doug's Dinos online store
wishes to offer repairs, services, or premium content at a later time.
Although apparel is intended for clothing, it provides an additional feature to
standard shippable products, and that is sub-products or variations . These allow us
create variations of the same product, but with different attributes, such as color, or
size, and set a surcharge for these sub-products.
When going through the product lines of your own shop, it is important to work
out which types of products you want to offer, and also if you can offer products in
one or more types. For instance, if we were to sell downloadable booklets or books,
we may also wish to sell tangible, hard copies of them to our customers. We will go
through the product lineup for Doug's Dinos later in the chapter.
Product Groupings
As well as the type of product we can offer, we also need to think about grouping
products together into categories. Drupal's provisions for categories describe them as
vocabulary, terms for describing the piece of content (the product listing).
When trying to relate our product lineup to our shop, we need to consider the
best ways to categorize our products, but also alternative ways of categorizing our
products. With a physical store, you would generally have a particular product in a
particular area of the store, for instance at a supermarket milk would be in the dairy
section, however with an online store this is not a limitation! What if we also wanted
milk next to breakfast cereals? This is not a problem with online shops!
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