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Product Lineup
Product Lineup
For our store we will mainly be selling model dinosaurs, so let's start with those, and
prepare and collect the appropriate information. Here we are going to describe just
a few sample products; you should think up a few of your own, and collate them in
a spreadsheet for later when we start adding products to the shop! If we have them
prepared in advance, then when the shop is ready, we will know what to add to it.
Sample Product—Shippable Goods
For our sample shippable product, let's take a model T-Rex. We want to keep our
product name short, yet descriptive, so something like " T-Rex with sound effects
(1m) " would suffice. We don't want to overload the customer with information in the
name, yet we want to leave it so the customer will want to read more on the product.
For the description we don't want to say something such as "1m T-Rex dinosaur,
Red, with sound effects and motion sensors allowing it to roar whenever someone
enters a room". That description is very dull, and only describes the bare minimum,
and reading it makes it seem like even we don't know much about the product!
Something like this would be more appropriate:
" Our 1 meter scale model of T-Rex (model: TR15) is bound to scare anyone,
especially with its new motion sensor, which sets off a lifelike 'Roar'. This model
is a must-have for any model dinosaur lover; it is made of durable, shock resistant
plastic complete with fantastic hand-painted detail. This model requires two AA
size batteries (not included) and comes with a 6-month guarantee; we think you
will love this product—but if for whatever reason it falls below the standards
you expect, we are happy to offer a no-fuss 30-day money back guarantee. Any
questions just call us on 555-0135.
Emma from Newcastle said 'This dinosaur was fantastic! I bought one for my
brother and he just loves it, especially when an unsuspecting visitor to his room
gets a nasty shock!' "
With that description you can see that not only is the product described in detail,
but also technical aspects (such as battery needs) are described. This could link into
a page offering low cost batteries for sale. We also mention about our refund and
guarantee policies, which can be linked to directly from the description.
There isn't much to say about the price really! For this product, we will have a price
of $ 94.99 . (We will add the product, and a few others to our store later in the topic!)
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