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Sample Product—Non-Shippable Goods
The Anonymous purchases policy can be a little tricky to decide upon, as both
restricting and not restricting purchases have advantages. If the user needs to
register, then they may be put off by the process, but alternatively they will have
signed up to the website, and will most likely be able to receive an e-newsletter. For
products where there is no real need for them to be a user on the website, it is best to
allow anonymous users to make a purchase.
For the SKU we could use the reference number, a reference number for a stock
control system for the main shop, or just leave it blank. Its main use is when the
system is tied in with another system, so we don't really need to think about these
at this time.
If this product is not yet available, i.e. something we expect to get soon (but
potentially may not get) then we would want to hide the 'Add to cart' link. This
dinosaur is one of our star products, so we should leave a note not to hide the link.
If we wish to show these products are in stock, we can enable Inventory control —so
we would put a note in that column in our spreadsheet (where we are collating this
information) if it is Enabled ; we also need to enter the amount that we have in stock.
There are also a number of options available for how long we estimate the product
will ship, these include: within 24 hours, 2-3 days, 1-2 weeks, 4-6 weeks. Since these
models are one of our star products, and we have loads ready in stock to ship, we
would say within 24 hours.
Sample Product—Non-Shippable Goods
Out of the box provisions for non-shippable goods are similar to the other two
products without variations, stock control, and availability.
A sample product could be repairs on damaged products. " 3-year repair plan on
Model T-Rex " described as: " If your model becomes damaged during the next
three years, we will repair the model back to its original condition if you have
purchased this plan. This is subject to our acceptable damage policy, and the
customer must pay shipping costs to the repair center. "
With this product we may actually want it to only be available to members, i.e.
people who have already made purchases, or signed up to access our pages with
help and support for the products. It is also worth noting that this type of service
could be grouped with the models themselves.
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