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A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Provide additional information —If your product has specific specifications,
such as computer software or technical equipment, make sure you mention
as much of that as possible, in addition to the more friendly descriptions.
Visualize your customers —Imagine your average potential customer, and
write as if you were describing it directly to them.
Here are a few websites you may find useful on the subject:
Business Link—Fair trading, trade descriptions, and Trading Standards:
The Federal Trade Commission has resources for businesses including how to comply
with the "made in USA" rules when marketing products as being made in the US, as
well as labeling requirements for clothing and other useful information for US-based
businesses: .
Bill Fryer Copywriting Tips, .
A Picture Says a Thousand Words
Further down the line we will add photographs to our product listings. Here are
some advice and tips to consider when taking photographs, which will help take
great pictures for your store.
These tips were provided courtesy of award-winning photographer
Martin Baker who has a website dedicated to photography and image
engineering: .
The camera and support equipment we use are very important.
We don't particularly need an expensive camera, but the following features really
will be helpful:
A camera with a resolution of 3 Megapixel will be sufficient, especially if
you are able to ill most of the image with the product. A higher resolution
camera will allow you to compose more freely, cropping the image later
to size.
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