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Post Processing
If you are using just one light source (a window or just one table lamp) then use a
reflector (piece of white card or aluminum foil) to reflect some of the light onto the
shadow side of the product to reduce the harshness of the shadows.
The simplest background is probably a white or plain colored wall. For a more
professional look, use a long sheet or roll of paper. Stand the product on the paper
and lift the back of the sheet so that there is a curve of paper behind the product.
Light Tent
If you are going to take a lot of product photographs it will be worth investing in
(or making) a light tent. This is a box or frame structure with the sides made of thin,
light-diffusing material. With the product inside the box and the lights set up outside
(shining through the sides) you should be able to get very high quality shots with
well-controlled shadows.
Post Processing
This covers anything you do to the image from the moment you take the photograph.
Some cameras offer limited options in-camera but post processing is usually
something you do to the image after you have uploaded the file to your computer.
Many cameras come bundled with image editing software or there is a wide range of
free or shareware software available on the Internet. Commercial packages such as
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Elements or Paint Shop Pro are also available.
You may need to adjust the exposure (brightness) of the image. This is
especially likely if your camera has automatic metering and you are using
a white or light-colored background. In this case the image may require
brightening a little. If this happens repeatedly, see if your camera has an
exposure compensation setting. If so, set it to +1/2 or +1 to force the camera
to overexpose the image.
A low level of sharpening will probably improve your image but take care
not to apply it too strongly. Look carefully at the edges in your image after
applying sharpening. If you can see a distinct "halo" around your subject you
have sharpened the image too strongly.
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