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How Not to Advertise a Product?
The final stage is to crop or resize the image to the size you need for your
website. Think about what versions of the image you need: perhaps a small,
"thumbnail" image of 60x80 pixels, a medium size of 300x400 pixels and a
large size of 600x800 pixels. Save the file you have been working on, then
using the software resize the image down to the largest of the sizes you need
(600x800 pixels in this example). Save the file in JPEG format with a different
filename from the original file from your camera. Resize down to the next
size (300x400 pixels) and save as a new JPEG file. Repeat again for the
smallest file (60x80 pixels).
How Not to Advertise a Product?
Quite a lot of small businesses with online shops don't put much effort into their
website and store—with many of these sites the amount of effort they put into their
site is apparent; however, a good amount of time in initial preparations should mean
that we only have to put in minimal maintenance time in the future, and still have a
fantastic store for our customers. These examples are ones that I have found on real
websites, but have been recreated to ensure anonymity.
Example One—Detail
The following example illustrates a completely useless product description
and listing:
The product name and description are both the reference number for the product,
probably taken from the manufacturer's own catalog. The gray box would be a
photograph of the product—but it doesn't really add to the quality of the listing!
Example Two—No Photo
Photos are really important—if you can go through the trouble to describe the
product—photograph it! Otherwise it looks like you are describing it in detail
and not showing the photo because the description is incorrect.
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