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Creating a Shippable Product
Creating a Shippable Product
The sample Shippable Product we discussed in Chapter 3— Planning Your Shop was
a T-Rex model, so let's add it to our store!
We should start by typing in the products Name and Description (both of which are
mandatory fields):
After the first sentence of the description I have typed the line <!--break--> .
This allows the text to split depending on the page we are on. If we are on a list
of products, we will only see the first sentence, but if we view a page containing
information on the product, we will see the entire description.
If we enable or install one of the rich-text editors that can be used in
Drupal (such as TinyMCE, WYMEditor, or FCKEditor), the break function
will not work. If you have these modules installed and wish to use the
break function, you will need to turn off the rich text editor.
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