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Education Information Sheets
Out of the remaining options the only one that may need altering is the Anonymous
purchasing policy for this product . This is because visitors who purchase this
service should already have purchased a dinosaur from Doug's Dinos and so should
ideally be a registered user. We should set that to Registered only , before clicking
the Submit button.
The End Product
The end result of this product looks like this:
Education Information Sheets
Although educational information sheets are non-shippable products, we may
wish for the end product to be a file for the user, which they can download. This
unfortunately is not within the default Non-Shippable Product option; however,
we installed the File Product module, so we will create it using that.
Creating the Product
Files used by the File Product types are stored in the default files directory for
Drupal, which is set in Administer | Site Configuration | File system in the main
menu. The file that we want to include needs to be uploaded into this folder, which
by default is called files . It is often advisable to set this folder to be outside of the
Drupal installation folder, to prevent any unauthorised access to the files stored
within. We should upload our file to this location using an FTP program such as
Filezilla ( ).
Similarly for standard non-shippable products, inventory management and
availability estimate settings are not available for File Products , but there is a new
option for setting the file we wish to use.
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