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Grouping Products
Grouping Products
Products are grouped into what Drupal e-Commerce refers to as parcels. A parcel
can be purchased by a user, which may give the user a discount for purchasing these
products all at once, or just the convenience of purchasing a group of products at
once. This is in itself a product type for which we installed the module at the start of
the chapter.
Grouping the Products
Doug wants to have a special offer on his T-Rex model and also its service plan with
a $15 saving on buying both together.
To create the parcel, go to the Create content menu, select Products and then
Collection of Products . The options on this screen are almost the same as a
Non-Shippable Product (no inventory control or availability estimates because they
depend upon the individual products within the package) but it has a field for the
list of all products . The ID numbers are the ID numbers assigned by Drupal to the
product not the product SKUs that we can set our self. The list of created products
can be viewed by clicking the list of all products link under the Product IDs
text box:
Once this is created we have a product that looks just like a normal product. It may
be an idea to include links to the individual products in the description; otherwise it
does not contain much information like the one shown below:
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