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Chapter 5: Customers and Staff
Customers and Staff
There would be no point in running an online store without customers, so let's take a
look at our customers and how they are managed using Drupal.
We will also take a look at staff members, who are also users within Drupal. Doug
only has a small workforce; however, he wants them all to be able to help him out
with his online store!
Within this chapter we need to take a look at the two sides of users in our store:
Users, roles, and permissions—After all, customers who register for our site
become users and staff members who manage the store will also be users .
Customer and staff management—How to plan, set up, and manage these
users, and managing customers who are not registered users.
Users, Roles, and Permissions
Firstly, let's take a look at how users, roles, and permissions work in Drupal; then
we will use this knowledge to set up our website for customers and staff members.
These settings can be found in the Administer section of Drupal, listed under
User management :
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