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Picture Settings
When a user signs up, these variables are replaced with their user details and sent to
them as an email, which is shown below:
Picture Settings
If we enable Picture support then users can upload photographs to be linked to their
user account. The settings related to Pictures include:
Picture support —This is used for enabling or disabling picture support.
Picture image path —This is the subdirectory in the uploads directory where
we will store pictures.
Default picture —This is the URL for a picture to be used if a user has not
uploaded any picture.
Picture maximum dimensions —This is the maximum size in pixels
for pictures.
Picture maximum file size —This is the maximum size in kilobytes
for pictures.
Picture guidelines —This is a notice displayed on the upload form; this
would be useful for us to provide instructions to users or a disclaimer,
regarding the copyright of images uploaded.
Pictures could be useful in particular for staff members; we could give them special
pictures to indicate they are all members of the staff. A default picture that indicates
the user is a customer would prove useful when new users sign up. These would
work particularly well in conjunction with a forum that displays the user's picture.
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