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Permissions and Taxonomy Access Control
Permissions and Taxonomy Access Control
The default permissions that can be applied to roles are quite limited in the overall
context of a website, and focus primarily on access control features of the site,
whereas when it comes to customers we may prefer to provide them access to special
areas of the site. To do this we need Taxonomy Access Control .
Taxonomy Access Control is not available by default, so we would need to
install the Taxonomy Access Control module, which can be downloaded from: . Once downloaded and uploaded
to our site, it can be installed from the Modules section within Site building :
What is Taxonomy?
Drupal's taxonomy module allows us to tag content into categories and
sub-categories with terms (like using custom labels). A long description of the details
of taxonomy within Drupal is found on the Drupal website:
node/22274 . For our application, we can think of Drupal's taxonomy purely as a
way to group content into categories.
Creating Categories
Within the Content management section of the Administer menu there is a
Categories section, which allows us to create vocabularies and terms to categorize
our content.
Within here there is a link to Add vocabulary ; this allows us to create the category:
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