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Creating Fields
before you enter data while you’re in Datasheet view; Chapter 2 of this
minibook tells you how to perform the same task in Table Design view.
You can define fields in four ways:
Enter data in a datasheet, and let Access figure out what kind of data is in
each field (see “Entering data and creating fields,” earlier in this chapter).
Click the Click to Add heading (the last column in any table datasheet),
and choose a field type from the drop-down menu (see “Creating fields
by clicking a button,” later in this chapter).
Click buttons in the Add & Delete section of the Fields tab of the Ribbon
(see “Creating fields by clicking a button,” later in this chapter).
Book II
Chapter 1
Define each field yourself in Table Design view (see Chapter 2 of this
You may choose to use any combination of these methods as you build your
If you want to delete a field, see “Inserting and deleting columns,” later in
this chapter.
Creating fields by clicking a button
To create fields in a datasheet before you enter data, follow these steps:
1. Open a table in Datasheet view.
Double click a table name, or click the Table button on the Create tab of
the Ribbon to create a new table.
2. Click the title of the last column in the table, Click to Add, to see a list
of data types.
A drop-down menu opens (see Figure 1-5).
Figure 1-5:
Add a field
to your
by choosing
a data type.
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