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Adding and Editing Records
The Click to Add drop-down menu appears, listing types of fields that
can be added to the table.
3. Choose Calculated Field.
A submenu of data types is displayed.
4. Choose the correct data type for your calculated field: Text, Number,
Currency, Yes/No, or Date & Time.
Alternatively, you can click the More Fields button in the Add & Delete
group on the Fields tab of the Ribbon, and choose Calculated Field from the
drop-down menu to add a calculated field to the table. Access displays the
Expression Builder, where you can write your expression. In an Order Details
table, for example, you can create a field to calculate quantity × unit price.
The Expression Builder is covered in detail in Book III, Chapter 2.
Rename your field after you define the calculation!
Entering and editing hyperlinks
Working with fields that have the Hyperlink data type can be a little tricky
if you want to edit them rather than open the hyperlink, but read on for the
Creating hyperlinks
Fields are defined as Hyperlink fields in one of two ways:
If you type hyperlink data in a new field in a datasheet, Access may
define the field as a Hyperlink field. (Start a web link with http://,
https://, or mailto: to have Access recognize it as a hyperlink.)
If you define the field in Design view with the Hyperlink data type or
add a hyperlink field in Datasheet view, the field is a Hyperlink field.
The most common types of hyperlinks are links to web pages or to files
stored locally. You can enter those kinds of addresses simply by typing the
address or path of the page or file you want to link to. An even easier method
is to copy and paste a link from your web browser or Windows Explorer.
Editing hyperlinks in the datasheet
When you type in a field defined with the Hyperlink data type, the text
instantly turns into a hyperlink — blue, underlined, linked text. You can’t
click hyperlinks to edit them, however. Clicking a hyperlink always takes you
to the linked file, which can prove to be inconvenient. If you want to edit it,
you have to take a less-direct route:
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