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move the cursor. The dialog-box method is more surefire. (For more
information about the parts of hyperlinks, see the nearby sidebar “The official
parts of a hyperlink.”)
The Insert Hyperlink and Edit Hyperlink dialog boxes provide different
options, depending on the type of link you’re creating. You can create a link
to open any of the following:
An existing file or web page
An e-mail address
Use the buttons on the left side of the dialog box — the ones below the Link
To heading — to select the type of link and then enter any additional
information about the hyperlink.
The following options always appear in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box:
Text to Display: This option lets you specify text that displays as a
hyperlink. This text can be, but doesn’t have to be, the hyperlink address.
Address: Use the Address or E-Mail Address box to specify the URL, file
location, or e-mail address.
ScreenTip: Click this button to enter text that appears when the cursor
hovers over the hyperlink text.
Remove Link: This option deletes the hyperlink. You see this button on
the Edit Hyperlink dialog box but not the Insert Hyperlink dialog box.
Other options in the dialog box depend on the type of link you’re creating.
If you link to an existing file or web page, you see these browsing options for
finding the file or web page you want the hyperlink to point to:
Current Folder: Displays the current folder on your computer and allows
you to enter a path or to browse your computer or local area network.
Browsed Pages: Displays pages recently viewed in your browser.
Recent Files: Displays the contents of the Windows Recent Documents
Browse the Web: Opens your browser.
Browse for File: Opens the Link to File dialog box, where you can
browse to a file.
Address: Displays the URL of the file or page. Access fills in the URL
automatically as you type, or you can enter it manually. The drop-down
menu displays recently used files and URLs.
If you link to an e-mail address, specify the e-mail address and the subject of
the e-mail message to be created when the user clicks the hyperlink.
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