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Adding and Editing Records
The official parts of a hyperlink
A hyperlink entry can consist of four parts:
The underlined text you see in a datasheet
or form
The address that the hyperlink links to (the
only required part)
The subaddress that the hyperlink links to
A screen tip — text that appears in a small
box when the cursor hovers above the
If you edit hyperlink data, you’ll find that it looks
like this: displaytext#address#subad
dress#screentip . Only the first two parts
are required.
Because the full hyperlink entry consists of
four parts, separated by # characters, you
may find using the Insert Hyperlink and Edit
Hyperlink dialog boxes to be an easier way to
enter and edit hyperlinks.
Book II
Chapter 1
Setting advanced options with the Hyperlink Builder
Clicking the Hyperlink Builder button on the Edit Hyperlink dialog box
displays the settings shown in Figure 1-10. The Base URL, Paths, and
Parameters options allow you to define a relative hyperlink and also control
how the link opens when the hyperlink is clicked.
Figure 1-10:
settings are
when you
Deleting hyperlinks
You can remove a hyperlink by right-clicking it and choosing
Hyperlink Remove Hyperlink from the contextual menu. Both the text and
the hyperlink are removed.
Using the Attachment data type
The Attachment data type was introduced with Access 2007. When a field
is defined with the Attachment data type, you can store one or more files
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