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Checking Your Spelling
Access uses main and custom dictionaries that are shared by all the
Microsoft Office applications. You can use Microsoft Word to remove words
from a custom dictionary; check Word’s online help for details.
To conduct a routine spelling check, follow these steps:
1. Click the Spelling button in the Records group on the Home tab of the
Ribbon to open the Spelling dialog box (shown in Figure 1-12).
Figure 1-12:
dialog box
helps you
find and
embarrassing typos.
Book II
Chapter 1
Access finds the first word that isn’t in its dictionary and displays it in
the Not in Dictionary box. In the Suggestions list, Access displays
possible correct spellings of the word.
2. Deal with the word, as follows:
• Double-clickawordintheSuggestionslisttoreplacethemisspelled
word, or select the correctly spelled word and then click the Change
• Editthewordbyclickingitandmakingcorrections;thenclick
Change or Change All.
ClicktheIgnorebuttontoignorethewordandfindthenextmisspelled word.
• ClicktheCancelbuttontoexitthespellingcheckandcorrectthe
word in the datasheet manually.
Table 1-5 lists options in the Spelling dialog box that you may want to use
while checking spelling.
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