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Chapter 2: Refining Your Table in Design View
Follow these steps to create a table in Design view:
1. Click the Table Design button in the Tables group on the Create tab of
the Ribbon.
Access opens a blank table in Design view. Notice the blinking cursor in
the first row of the Field Name column.
2. Type the name of the first field, and press Tab or Enter to move to the
Data Type column.
The field you create here will be the first field (the one displayed on
the far-left side) in the datasheet. The field properties for the field fill in
automatically (at the bottom of the screen in Design view), and the data
type is set to the Short Text option, which holds up to 255 characters.
3. Choose a data type from the Data Type drop-down menu.
Common choices include Short Text, Long Text, Number, Date/Time,
and Currency. Data types are covered in detail in “Choosing a data
type,” later in this chapter.
4. (Optional but recommended) Type a description of the field in the
Description column.
The description can be especially useful if many people will use the
database or if you don’t plan to use the database often. Use the Description
column to explain exactly how you intend the field to be used.
5. Define additional fields in the table by repeating Steps 2–4.
You can press Tab to move to the next row, where you enter the next
field name. Figure 2-1 shows six fields defined.
Figure 2-1:
fields in
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