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Refining Your Table in Design View
6. Click the Save button or press Ctrl+S to save the table.
7. Type a descriptive name in the Name field, and press Enter.
8. When Access asks whether you want to define a primary key, click
Yes or No.
Don’t worry; whatever you choose now, you can change later. If you
feel the need to make an informed decision now, skip to “Defining the
Primary Key,” later in this chapter. If you choose to create a primary
key now, Access creates a new, numbered field that gives each record
a unique number. (The first field shown in Figure 2-1, for example, is an
AutoNumber field, defined as the primary key.) If you want to skip this
step, be sure that you define a primary key manually when you know
which field(s) you want to use to uniquely identify records.
Book II
Chapter 2
After you define the fields in Design view, you have the option of displaying
the table in Datasheet view and entering data. You also have the option of
entering data through a form. (For all the details on forms, see Book IV.)
Refining Your Table in Design View
Design view is the place to go when you want to be really specific about
what you want a field to hold. Design view also provides some tools you can
use to make sure that the data entered in a field is what you want it to be; we
cover this topic in more detail in Chapter 5 of this minibook.
The top part of the Design View window lists the fields in the table and their
data types. Descriptions also appear in that part of the window if they’ve
been added.
The bottom part of the Design View window displays field properties
configuration information about the current field. If you’re a novice Access
user, don’t worry about field properties; you don’t have to do anything with
them at all. If you do need them at some point, however, we tell you exactly
how to use them.
Many (but not all!) tasks you do in Design view can also be done in Datasheet
view. Datasheet view is covered in detail in Chapter 1 of this minibook.
The Formatting and Field Validation groups on the Fields tab of the Ribbon
(which you can display when a datasheet is active) contain options for
changing the format and some field properties (Unique and Required) for
a selected field.
Design view has its own Ribbon of tools. To display those tools, click
the Design tab that appears at the end of the Ribbon when Design view is
Table 2-1 lists the Design-view Ribbon tools.
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