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Refining Your Table in Design View
Table 2-1
Design-View Buttons and Their Functions
What It Does
Primary Key
Makes the selected field the primary key
field for the table.
Displays the Expression Builder, which
helps you build a field or expression (an
equation of some sort). The button is
grayed out when creating an expression
isn’t an option. Builder is available when
the cursor is in Field Name, Default Value,
Validation Rule, or Smart Tags.
Test Validation
Tests validation rules. See Chapter 5 of
this minibook for more information.
Insert Rows
Adds a row (field) to the table design
where the cursor is or inserts as many
rows as are selected.
Delete Rows
Deletes the current row or selected rows
in Table Design view.
Creates a lookup field — a field that lists
values stored in another field. See Chapter
5 of this minibook for more information.
Property Sheet
Displays the property sheet for the
selected field. A property sheet allows
you to set even more controls for the field.
(Many of the field properties are covered
in Chapter 5 of this minibook.)
Displays the Indexes window, showing the
indexed fields in the table and their index
Create Data
Creates a macro.
Displays the Data Macro Manager, where
the macros attached to the table are listed.
Displays the Relationship window, where
the relationships in the database are
displayed (and can be created and edited).
Displays the Object Dependencies window,
where you can see which database objects
depend on the table you’re viewing and
which objects the table depends on.
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