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Refining Your Table in Design View
Using the Caption property
Access gives you the option of giving a field a caption. A caption is text that’s
used on the datasheet, forms, and reports instead of the field name. The
field name must still be used in expressions and in code.
To give a field a caption, use the Caption field property in Table Design view.
You can also access the Caption property by clicking the Name & Caption
button in the Properties section on the Fields tab of the Ribbon in Datasheet
Book II
Chapter 2
Adding a field
If you want to add a field in the middle of a table in Design view, place the
cursor where you want the new field to appear (or select the row) and then
click the Insert Rows button in the Tools group on the Design tab of the
Ribbon. Rows at and below the cursor are pushed down to make room for the
new field. Specify the name and data type, and you’ve created a new field.
Copying a field
You can copy a field definition easily. Be aware, however, that by using this
method, you copy only the definition, not the data. You can even copy a field
definition from one table to another — an easy way to be sure that related
fields have the same definition.
Generally, only one of the matching fields in different tables needs the
primary key designation. Be sure to remove the primary key designation from
the other field.
To copy a field in Table Design view, follow these steps:
1. Click the record selector (the gray box to the left of the field name) to
select the field.
2. Press Ctrl+C, or click the Copy button in the Clipboard group on the
Home tab of the Ribbon.
3. Move the cursor to an empty row of the table into which you want to
copy the field.
4. Press Ctrl+V, or click the Paste button in the Clipboard group on the
Home tab of the Ribbon.
5. Type a new name in the Field Name field, if necessary, and press Enter.
The field title is highlighted, so when you type a new name, you replace
the old name.
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