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Printing Table Designs
Figure 2-4:
The Print
dialog box.
5. Select the aspects of the table definition that you want to print; then
click OK to close the dialog box.
The Documenter dialog box makes its return.
6. Click OK in the Documenter dialog box to display the object-definition
report in a form that can be printed.
The contents of the report depend on the settings you selected in the
Print Table Definition dialog box (Step 5), but the default display shows
the following:
• Thepropertiesofthetableatthetop
• Thenameofeachfieldwithitsproperties
• Howthetableisrelatedtoothertablesinthedatabase
• Thetableindexfields
• Theprimarykey
7. Click the Print button on the Print Preview tab of the Ribbon to print
the report.
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