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Chapter 3: Sorting, Finding, and Filtering Data in a Datasheet
Sort-order oddities
When you’re sorting a Number or Currency
field, values sort from smallest to largest (at
least, they do when you’re sorting in ascending
order). But when you sort a Text field, values
are sorted alphabetically, starting at the left
end of the field. This difference between the
two fields means that in a Text field, Access
sorts 55 before 6 , because the 5 character
comes before the 6 character. Access sorts
the same list of numbers in Number and Text
fields like this:
online help page on the topic. You have to
create a new field, using an expression to
convert the text to a numerical value, and then you
can sort by using that new field. You can find
the information in the “Filtering and Sorting”
section of the help system.
Sometimes, you need to know exactly how
Access sorts blanks and special characters.
The sort, in ascending order, looks like this:
Blanks (null).
Special characters such as ! , , # , % , & , ( ,
comma, period, [ , ^ , ` , ~ (in that order).
Letters. (Access doesn’t distinguish
between uppercase and lowercase letters
when sorting.)
If you need to know how Access sorts some
characters that aren’t listed here, make a test
table with the characters you need to sort, and
sort them!
Number Sort
Text Sort
If you need to sort the numbers in a text field
into numerical order, Access has an excellent
Sort Button
Sort Order
Sorts from smaller to larger and from A to Z
Sorts from larger to smaller and from Z to A
Clears all Sorts and returns records to their previous order
When you add a new record to a sorted datasheet, the datasheet doesn’t
automatically re-sort itself. You have to click the Sort button again to sort
the new records with the existing records.
If you want to return records to their unsorted order, click the Remove Sort
button on the Home tab of the Ribbon. If you have an order that you want to
be able to return to, such as the order in which the records were entered,
it’s a good idea to have a field that you can sort on when you want to
recreate that order.
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