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Finding (and Replacing) Data
3. Press Enter or click the Find Next button.
Access highlights the first instance of the Find What text.
Quick and dirty may work just fine for you, but you need to know about a
few refinements of the Find and Replace dialog box, such as telling Access
to limit its search to particular places. The default settings tell Access to
search the entire table and to match your search term in any part of a field.
You may find, however, that other options on the dialog box make it easier
to find exactly what you’re looking for. Keep reading to find out more!
Exploring the Find and Replace dialog box
If you don’t know how to use the options on the Find and Replace dialog box,
you won’t get much help finding what you’re looking for, so a guided tour is
in order.
The Find and Replace dialog box has the following options:
Find What: Here’s where you type the text or value that you’re looking
Find Next: Click this button to find the next instance of the Find What
Look In: Here’s where you tell Access where to look: the field that the
cursor is in (Current Field) or the whole table (Current Document). If
you select a bunch of fields or records before displaying the Find and
Replace dialog box, Access searches the selected cells, and you can’t
change the Look In option. (Select contiguous fields by clicking the first
field name and then Shift+clicking the last field name.) If you don’t select
a particular field, you can choose either the field where the cursor is or
the whole table.
Match: Choose how the search results match the Find What text. You
can choose one of the following options: Any Part of Field, Whole Field,
or Start of Field. The Any Part of Field option finds the most instances. If
you search for Flamingo with the Any Part of Field option, Access finds
Lawn Flamingo. The Whole Field option finds only cells that match
the whole word Flamingo; it doesn’t find Lawn Flamingo. The Start of
Field option finds cells that begin with Flamingo, such as Flamingoes.
Search: Choose the direction (from the cursor) to search: Up, Down,
or All.
Match Case: Match the case of the text. If you want to find THIS but not
This, use the Match Case option.
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