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Filtering a Datasheet
Table 3-1
Types of Datasheet Filters
When You Should Use It
Quick Filter
You want to use one of the many filtering options that
Access provides for a given type of data. Quick filters for
Text, Number, and Date fields allow you to filter by month,
values between values that you specify, or one word
within a Text field. These filters are provided in the
dropdown menu that appears when the field name is clicked
in a datasheet. To access them, choose Text Filters, Date
Filters, or Number Filters from the drop-down menu.
Filter by Selection
You have a record with a certain value in a field, and
you want to find all the other records that have the same
value in that particular field.
Filter by Form
You have more than one criterion. Perhaps you want to
find orders placed before 6/1/06 paid for by credit card.
Advanced Filter/Sort
You want to do more than the other filters allow, such as
sorting and applying criteria to multiple fields. Advanced
Filter/Sort creates a query by using only one table.
Filtering with quick filters
Common filters are built into Access. The available filters depend on the
data type of the field that you’re filtering. The most interesting choices are
for Date/Time fields; you can choose such diverse filter options as year
quarters, specific months, yesterday, and last month. Number filters include
Equals, Does Not Equal, Less Than, Greater Than, and Between. The
available text filters are Equals, Does Not Equal, Begins With, Does Not Begin
With, Contains, Does Not Contain, Ends With, and Does Not End With.
Follow these steps to use common filters to filter a field:
1. To see the filters available for a particular field, click the down arrow
next to the field name, or click the Filter button in the Sort & Filter
group on the Home tab of the Ribbon when the cursor is in the field.
If you want to filter to a specific value, you can deselect all values by
clicking the first check box, Select All. Then select the values you want
to see when the datasheet is filtered, and click OK to see the filtered
2. To see more filtering options, highlight the menu option immediately
above the check boxes.
The name of this menu option changes with each data type. You see
Date Filters for Date/Time fields, Text Filters for Text data, and Number
Filters for Number data.
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