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Filtering a Datasheet
3. For Date/Time fields, highlight All Dates in Period to display another
level of choices.
The options on this submenu let you see data for one quarter or for one
month of the year. Figure 3-3 shows all the filtering options available for
a Date/Time field.
Filtering by selection
Filtering by selection is the simplest kind of filter; it finds records with
matching values in one field. To filter by selection, follow these steps:
1. Find a record with the value or text you want to match and then place
your cursor in that cell to match the whole value.
Book II
Chapter 3
If you want to match part of the value in the cell, select part of the cell,
as in these examples:
• Tofindallproductswithapriceof$29.99,placethecursorina
Price cell with the value 29.99.
• Tomatchthebeginningofthevalue,selectthefirstcharacterandas
many thereafter as you want to match. To find all entries in the field
that start with La, for example, highlight the La in Lawn Flamingo
before filtering.
2. Click the Selection button in the Sort & Filter group on the Home tab
of the Ribbon.
3. From the drop-down menu, choose the first item, Equals X.
Access filters the datasheet to display only records that have the same
value in that field.
Figure 3-3:
fields have
many, many
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