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Filtering a Datasheet
5. If you have a criterion for another field that needs to be applied at the
same time as the criterion you set in Step 4, repeat Steps 2–4 for the
additional field.
Setting up criteria to work together illustrates the usefulness of the And
operator. If you want to find addresses in San Francisco, set the State
field to CA and the City field to San Francisco.
6. If you have a completely different set of rules to filter records by, click
the Or tab in the bottom-left section of the Filter by Form window.
Access displays a blank Filter by Form tab. When you set criteria on
more than one tab, a record has to meet all the criteria on only one tab
to appear in the filtered datasheet.
7. Create the criteria on the second tab in the same way that you created
those on the first — that is, click the field, and choose the value that
you want to match.
If, in addition to all the addresses in San Francisco, you want to see all
the addresses in Boston, set the State field on the Or tab to MA and the
City field to Boston.
When you use an Or tab, another Or tab appears, allowing you to add as
many sets of Or criteria as you need.
8. Click the Filter button in the Sort & Filter group on the Home tab of
the Ribbon to see the filtered table.
Filtering with Advanced Filter/Sort
The Advanced Filter/Sort feature in Access is really a query — the simplest
kind of query. It allows you to find and sort information from one table in
the database. You can access this option from a datasheet by clicking the
Advanced button in the Sort & Filter group on the Home tab of the Ribbon
and choosing Advanced Filter/Sort from the drop-down menu.
Use Advanced Filter/Sort when you want to use the more familiar Query
by Example (QBE) grid to sort and filter a table. (In fact, you can load filter
criteria from an existing query by clicking the Advanced button in the Sort
& Filter group on the Datasheet tab of the Ribbon and choosing Load from
Query from the drop-down menu.)
Figure 3-5 shows the Advanced Filter/Sort window.
This section gives you the basics of performing an advanced filter-and-sort
operation, but because the features of the Advanced Filter/Sort window are
nearly identical to the features of queries, you may want to read Book III,
Chapter 1 for more details.
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