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Chapter 4: Importing and Exporting Data
Close the clipboard task pane by clicking the Close button in the pane’s
topright corner.
If you want to keep track of what’s on the clipboard, you can set it to appear
automatically whenever you cut or copy more than one item without
pasting. Just click the Options button at the bottom of the clipboard task pane,
and choose Options Show Office Clipboard Automatically.
Cutting and pasting small to
mediumish amounts of data
Cutting and pasting is most useful for small pieces of data, but you may also
use that capability for several fields’, or even records’, worth of data. If you
move lots and lots of data, look at the import and linking options covered
later in this chapter. If you’re copying small or medium amounts of data,
copying and pasting may work just fine. Access gets picky when you paste
more than one piece of data into a datasheet. To help make pasting work
most effectively, follow these guidelines:
Fields (columns) need to be in the same order in the source document
as in Access. You may need to rearrange columns in either Access or the
source document.
The data type of the data you’re copying needs to match the data type
of the field you’re pasting into. The exceptions are Text and Memo data
types, which can accept any type of data.
You can’t paste a duplicate value into the primary key field (just as you
can’t type a duplicate value in a primary key field).
You can’t paste into a hidden field. Unhide all the fields you’re pasting
data into before you paste that data. To unhide, right-click any field
name and choose Unhide Columns from the contextual menu. If you
don’t have data for one field and want to paste into the fields on either
side of it, hiding the field before pasting is a good option.
Data that you paste must meet any validation rules and must work with
any input masks. (See Chapter 5 of this minibook for details on those
You can’t copy data into an AutoNumber field. Access generates
AutoNumber values for copied records.
A good option for pasting multiple cells of data from a spreadsheet
program is the Paste Append command. To append entire records (with the
exception of any AutoNumber fields) from Excel or another spreadsheet,
paste by using Paste Append: Copy the data to the clipboard, display
Access, click the arrow below the Paste button on the Home tab of the
Ribbon, and choose Paste Append from the drop-down menu.
If you’re adding data to a datasheet that already contains data, you may
want to paste the new data into a temporary datasheet first to make
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