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Importing or Linking to Data
Language: Select the language for the text in your table.
Code Page: Select a code page. Just keep the default selection unless
you know for certain that the imported data is using one of the other
available options.
Date Order: MDY (month/day/year) is standard in the United States, but
you can select another option as needed to match your date data.
Date Delimiter: Type the character used to separate month, day,
and year.
Time Delimiter: Type the character used to separate hours and
Book II
Chapter 4
Four Digit Years: Deselect this option if your data uses only two digits
to designate the year.
Leading Zeros in Dates: Select this option if your data has zeros before
single-digit months (such as 02 for February).
Decimal Symbol: Type the character used as a decimal point. In the
United States, the decimal symbol is a period, but in many European
countries, the decimal is a comma.
Field Information: This option lists the field name in the file you’re
importing or linking (click to edit), the data type that Access has chosen
(change by making a new choice from the drop-down menu), and
whether the field is indexed (change by making a new choice from the
drop-down menu), and it provides a box to check if you want to skip
the field.
Save As: This option saves the Import Specifications settings (or Link
Specifications) for use with a later import or link.
Specs: This option lists saved specs that you can select.
When you’re done setting your options, click the OK button.
Importing with the Import Spreadsheet
and Link Spreadsheet wizards
If you import or link a spreadsheet file, the Import Spreadsheet Wizard or
Link Spreadsheet Wizard starts when you select the appropriate file by using
the Get External Data dialog box (refer to Figure 4-3, earlier in this chapter).
Follow these steps to complete the spreadsheet wizards:
1. Select the sheet that contains your data in the first window that
appears (as shown in Figure 4-7); then click the Next button.
You can import or link to data on only one sheet at a time. Select the
Show Named Ranges option to see named ranges in the spreadsheet if
you need to import part of a spreadsheet.
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