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Getting Data Out of Access
To export an object, follow these steps:
1. Open the database that contains the object you want to export.
You can export a table with or without the data in it. You may also want
to export a query with its data, which allows you to get specific
information from your database.
2. Select the object name in the Navigation Pane.
3. Click the button for the format you want to export to in the Export
group on the External Data tab of the Ribbon.
The buttons include Excel, Text File, XML File, PDF or XPS File, Email,
Access, Word Merge, and More. The More button displays the export
options Word, SharePoint List, ODBC Database, and HTML Document.
Book II
Chapter 4
4. Name the file that Access will create with the exported data.
You may also need to select a file format, depending on the application
you’re exporting to. You can export to an existing Access database, but
when you export to other file types, you create a new file (which you can
then import into an existing file, if necessary).
5. Click OK.
What happens next depends on where the data is going:
• Ifyou’reexportingtoafiletypeotherthananAccessdatabase,the
object is exported.
• Ifyou’reexportingtoanexistingAccessfile,youseetheExport
dialog box, where you can rename the object (if you want to) and
tell Access whether you want to export all the data or just the object
definition (field names, format, and any expressions).
• WhenyousaveareporttoHTML,Accessasksyouforthenameof
the HTML template file. You can find out about HTML template files
from the Access help system.
Access quietly completes the export process and asks whether you want
to save the export definition.
6. If you plan to repeat this export, select Save Export Steps to see
additional options.
You have to name the export. We encourage you to use the Description
field to describe the specifics of the export (such as what it does
and when it should be used). You also have the option of creating an
Outlook task to remind you to repeat the export.
You can make the Outlook task recur if you go into Outlook, choose the
task, and click the Recurrence button.
7. To see whether the operation worked, open the file to which you
exported the object.
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