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Using Input Masks to Validate and Format Data
To create an input mask with the Input Mask Wizard, follow these steps:
1. Display the table in Design view.
Right-click the table name in the Navigation Pane and choose Design
View from the contextual menu.
2. Select the field to which you want to apply an input mask.
Click the record selector, or put the cursor somewhere in the row for
that field so that you see its field properties.
3. Click the Input Mask field property on the General tab of the field
Book II
Chapter 5
Access displays the Build button to the right of the Input Mask line.
4. Click the Build button.
Access displays the Input Mask Wizard, shown in Figure 5-1.
Figure 5-1:
The Input
5. Select the input mask that looks most like the data that you want to
allow in the field.
You may see an exact match for your field, or you may see a close
approximation that you can edit to fit your data.
You can add an input mask to the list displayed in the wizard by clicking
the Edit List button in the first window of the wizard and then filling in
the details of the new input mask.
6. Type some text in the Try It box to see how the field appears with data
in it and the input mask applied.
Access displays a Try It box on each window so that you can see the
effect of any changes you make. Click the Try It box to see what the
input mask looks like when you enter data in the field.
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