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Using Input Masks to Validate and Format Data
Table 5-1
Creating Input Masks
Input Mask
What It Allows or Requires
Requires a number.
Allows a number.
Allows a space, converts a blank to a space, and allows +
and -.
Requires a letter.
Allows a letter.
Book II
Chapter 5
Requires a letter or number.
Allows a letter or number.
Requires any character or a space.
Allows any character or a space.
Converts the following characters to lowercase.
Converts the following characters to uppercase.
Fills the field from right to left, allowing characters on the
left side to be optional.
Displays the character following in the field ( \Z appears
as Z ).
. ,
Displays the decimal placeholder or thousands separator.
; : – /
Displays the date separator. (The symbol used depends
on the setting in the Regional Settings section of the
Windows Control Panel.)
Creates a password-entry text box. Any character typed is
stored as that character but displayed as an asterisk ( * ).
Here’s how to use characters to create some common input masks:
AA00999: This mask requires two letters or numbers followed by two
digits and then allows an additional three digits.
00000\‑9999: This mask, for zip codes, requires five digits, displays a
hyphen and provides space for an optional four digits.
LIL 0L0: This mask, for Canadian postal codes, requires a letter, a
number, and a letter; displays a space; and requires a number, a letter,
and a number.
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