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Creating a Lookup Field
Figure 5-4:
To input
data, click
the arrow to
display the
lookup list,
and choose
the option
you want to
Figure 5-5:
You can
use the
Lookup tab
of the field
to edit the
lookup field.
Using the Lookup Wizard creates a relationship between the table containing
the lookup field and the table containing the data shown in the drop-down
menu for the lookup field. In this example, the relationship is between the
ContactID field in the Orders table and the ContactID field in the Address
Book table. If you display the Relationships window (click the Relationships
button on the Database Tools tab of the Ribbon), you see the relationship
that the Lookup Wizard created. (You can find out more about relationships
in Chapter 6 of this minibook.)
Knowing when to allow multiple selections
You may choose to store multiple values within one field and use a lookup list
to select them. In a small company, for example, one person may have many
roles, and the Employee table can store that information in a single field.
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