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Creating a Query in Design View
Figure 1-1:
Start your
query by
the table
that has the
data you
2. In the Show Table dialog box, select the table that contains the fields
you want to display in the query datasheet; then click the Add button.
Queries can show data from more than one table, but for this example,
we’re showing you a simple query that shows data from only one table.
3. Click the Close button in the Show Table dialog box.
Design view displays the table you selected in the top pane and the
empty design grid in the bottom pane.
Notice the new tab that’s available when you’re working on a query
design: Design. It contains many options to help you refine your query.
You can close the Query property sheet if it’s displayed; you don’t need
it right now. Redisplay it at any time by clicking Property Sheet in the
Show/Hide group on the Design tab of the Ribbon.
4. Double-click a field name in the top pane to display that field name in
the bottom pane (the design grid).
5. Repeat Step 4 as often as necessary to include any additional fields.
The fields you put in the grid are the fields that will be used by the
You can drag a field name to the design grid or double-click a field name
to move it to the grid. You can also choose the fields that you want to
use from the drop-down field and table menus. To select multiple field
names in the field list, use the standard Ctrl+click or Shift+click selection
technique and then drag all selected field names to the design grid.
Figure 1-2 shows a query asking to view three fields from the Products
table: ProductID, Product Name, and Selling Price.
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