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Viewing Your Query
Figure 1-6:
shows data
by product
and date.
You can edit the query created by the Simple Query Wizard in Design view,
about which we say lots more in the rest of this chapter.
The Simple Query Wizard doesn’t allow you to include criteria to choose
which records you want to include in the query datasheet. If you want
to include criteria in your query, open the query created by the wizard
in Design view and then add the criteria. (Details on Design view appear
throughout this chapter.)
Viewing Your Query
After you create a query, you can look at it in any of these views:
Book III
Chapter 1
Design view displays the query definition, where you can select tables
and fields, create criteria and expressions, define sort order, and do all
the other things you need to do to define a query.
Datasheet view displays the data from the query in a datasheet, just as
though you were looking at a table datasheet.
SQL view displays the query definition as a statement in SQL
(Structured Query Language).
The quickest way to view a query is to double-click the query name in the
Navigation pane. When the query is open in Datasheet view, switch between
Design and Datasheet views by clicking the View button (the leftmost button
on the Home tab of the Ribbon). Alternatively, click one of the three buttons
in the bottom-right corner of the Access window — Datasheet View, SQL View,
and Design View — or click the down arrow on the View button to open the
drop-down menu of View options and then choose the correct view.
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