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Using Query Design View
Using Query Design View
If you’ve followed this chapter from the beginning, you’ve created a simple,
one-table query and used the Simple Query Wizard to create another query.
Queries can do so much more, though, so dive into Design view and figure
out what’s what.
Deciphering Design view
Design view is where you tell Access about the data you’re looking for. In
Design view, you specify the tables (or other queries) where Access finds
the data you want, the fields from those tables that you want to see, and
any criteria that the data must pass to appear in the datasheet. You also use
Design view to choose the type of query, specify calculations, and define the
sort order of the resulting data.
The top half of Design view is the Table pane, where you view the tables (or
queries) containing the fields to be used in the query. The bottom half is the
Query by Example (QBE) grid, where you define the fields you want to see
and any criteria to limit the data you want to see. Queries can do even more
than that, as you see in the remainder of this minibook.
Here are our two favorite ways to display a query in Design view (shown in
Figure 1-7):
Figure 1-7:
A query
in Design
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