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Using Query Design View
Click Queries in the Navigation pane, right-click the query name, and
choose Design View from the contextual menu.
Click the View button on the Home tab of the Ribbon when the query is
displayed in Datasheet view.
Table 1-1 explains what the most useful buttons on the Query Tools Design
tab on the Ribbon do (see Figure 1-8).
Figure 1-8:
The buttons
of the
Query Tools
Table 1-1
Buttons in Design View
Button Name
What It Does
Book III
Chapter 1
Displays Datasheet view — the data
set defined by the query.
Runs the query. (For a select query,
clicking the Run button does the
same thing as clicking the View
button. When the query is an action
query, the Run button performs the
action. Use this button carefully.)
Query Type group
Chooses a query type: Select Query,
Crosstab Query, Make-Table Query,
Update Query, Append Query, or
Delete Query. Union, Pass-Through,
and Data Definition queries are
covered in Book IX, Chapter 3.
Show Table
Displays the Show Table dialog box
so that you can add tables to the
Displays the Expression Builder
dialog box. (This button can be
clicked only when the cursor is
in the Field or Criteria row.) See
more about building expressions in
Chapter 2 of this minibook.
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