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Using Query Design View
Table 1-1 (continued)
Button Name
What It Does
Insert Rows
Inserts a row into the QBE grid
(when you run out of rows for
Delete Rows
Deletes a row in the QBE grid. The
row deleted is the one containing
the cursor.
Insert Columns
Inserts a column into the QBE grid to
the left of the column containing the
cursor (to add a field to the query).
Delete Columns
Deletes the column of the QBE grid
(and its contents) that contains the
Return (Top
Limits the result of the query
displayed in the datasheet to the
number of records or the percentage
of records displayed in this option
(All, 5, or 25, for example). You can
choose values from the drop-down
menu or type values. You can
choose to display the top 5 values
or the top 25 percent of values, for
Displays the Totals row in the design
grid. (Use the Totals row to create
calculations that summarize your
Displays the Query Parameters box.
Property Sheet
Displays properties for the selected
field or field list.
Table Names
Hides and displays the Table row in
the QBE grid.
You can change the size of the panes in Design view by dragging the pane
divider. Just move the mouse pointer to the divider, where it changes shape;
then click, hold, and drag to move the divider.
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