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Editing a Query
You can place all the field names from one table in the design grid in either
of two ways:
Put one field name in each column of the grid. If you have criteria for
all the fields, you can put one field name in each column of the design
grid in just two steps. Double-click the table name in the Table pane of
Design view to select all the fields in the table; then drag the selected
names to the design grid. When you release the mouse button, Access
puts one name in each column.
Put all the field names in one column. This method is useful if you want
to find something that can be in any field, you have one criterion for all
the fields in the table, or you want to include all the fields in a table
without criteria. To tell Access to include all field names in one column, drag
the asterisk (above the first field name in each table window) to the grid.
The asterisk is also available as the first choice in the Field drop-down
menu in the design grid; it appears as TableName.*.
Editing a Query
You can do some major reconstruction to your query in the design grid, such
as moving columns, deleting columns, or deleting all the entries in the grid.
Before you can do any of those things, though, you have to select the
column in the grid by clicking the column selector — the narrow block at the
top of each column in the grid.
Table 1-4 lists some of the things you can do to make changes in the
design grid.
Table 1-4
Editing Your Query
When You Want
To . . .
Do This
Move a column
Click the column selector to select the column, click a second
time, and then drag the column to its new position.
Delete a column
Click the column selector to select the column; then press
Delete or click the Delete Rows button on the Design tab of the
Ribbon to delete the column.
Insert a column
Drag a field from the Table pane in Design view to the column in
the design grid where you want to insert it. Access inserts an extra
column for the new field, moving all other columns to the right
to make space for the new column. Or click the Insert Columns
button to insert a column to the left of the cursor. Select multiple
columns before clicking to insert the same number of columns.
Change the
displayed name
Use a colon between the display name and the actual name of
the field in the Field row (display name: field name).
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