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Limiting Records with Criteria Expressions
You need to go back to the Products table and find the ProductID number
for the Budget MP3 Player.
A lookup field always stores the primary key field.
The ProductID for the Budget MP3 Player is 4 (see the third line of
Figure 1-10). With that information, you can create the query criterion: 4.
Figure 1-9:
ID field in
the Order
Details table
is a lookup
Figure 1-10:
table holds
the data
shown in
the Order
Details table
Creating queries with multivalue lookup fields
Multivalue lookup fields make queries a little more complicated. The
question is whether you want to display the complete multivalue field with the
values separated by commas or put each value on its own line in the query
datasheet. If you want to do complicated analysis with multivalue fields, you
may want to reconsider your database design and add tables and fields to
save the same data without the multivalue field.
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