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Working with Multiple Related Tables
Figure 1-11:
A query
data from
two related
If referential integrity is enforced, the 1 and infinity (∞) symbols appear on
the relationship line to denote the “one” and “many” sides of the
relationship. If referential integrity isn’t enforced, those symbols don’t appear on the
line. (See Book II, Chapter 6 for more on referential integrity.)
Figure 1-12 shows the result of the query shown in Figure 1-11. Each order is
listed once, with the name of the customer. Many customers have multiple
orders, so they appear more than once in the datasheet.
Figure 1-12:
shows the
results of
the query
Figure 1-11.
Joining tables in Design view
Although you can create or edit a relationship between two tables in Design
view, the relationship defined in Design view is used only for the query; it’s
not used in any other part of the database. You can use a type of join that
you may not want to use in the database as a whole but that you may find
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