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Chapter 3: Doing Neat Things with Action Queries and Query Wizards
Chapter 3: Doing Neat Things with
Action Queries and Query Wizards
In This Chapter
Making systematic changes to your data
Using action queries safely
Using update queries to change data into tables
Creating new tables with make-table queries
Adding data from one table to another table with append queries
Gathering stray sheep with the Find Unmatched Wizard
Getting the hang of the Find Duplicates Wizard
Chapter 1 of this minibook concentrates on creating select queries,
which are the most common type of queries created by Access users.
You may not realize that Access has other types of queries. Action queries
can make systematic changes to your data. You can set up a query to make
a change to all the records that match a criterion, for example. And two
query wizards — the Find Duplicates Query Wizard and the Find Unmatched
Query Wizard — can help you clean up the data in your database.
Creating Action Queries
Action queries let you make global corrections in your database. They’re
very powerful; they can be tremendously useful and save you a lot of time.
They can also make an enormous mess of your database if used incorrectly,
Action queries differ significantly from select queries. A select query shows
you data that meet your criteria, whereas an action query looks for the data
that meets your criteria and then does something with it, such as making
changes to the data or moving records to a new table.
Four kinds of action queries exist, corresponding to four very specific tasks.
You may find that creating an action query saves you tons of time if you
want to do any of the following things:
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