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Changing Data with Update Queries
Figure 3-1:
This select
query finds
all orders for
the Golden
that haven’t
Figure 3-2:
for the
query in
Figure 3-1,
the Golden
orders that
If you use an expression to define how a record is updated, you may
want to create a test field now to try your expression and make sure
that it works the way you want in a select query before you use it in an
update query. If you want to increase prices by 10 percent, for example,
you can create a new field: [New Price]: [Selling Price]*1.10.
The test field appears in the datasheet when you view it, and you can
check it for accuracy. Then change the query type and move the tested
expression to the Update To row. For more information about writing
expressions, see Chapter 2 of this minibook.
6. Return to Design view, and click the Update Query button in the
Query Type group on the Design tab of the Ribbon to change the
query to an update query.
Access adds an Update To row to the design grid.
7. Use the Update To row to tell Access how to update the field.
The easiest update is to change one value to another simply by typing
the new value in the Update To box for the appropriate field.
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