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Creating New Tables with Make-Table Queries
You can use a make-table query to create a table of customers who bought
Golden Whistles, for example. Maybe you decided to share their addresses
with a school that offers whistle lessons.
To create a table with a make-table query, follow these steps:
1. Create a select query that produces the records you want in a
new table.
See Chapter 1 of this minibook for more information on creating a
select query.
Figure 3-5 shows a select query that finds the contact info for all
customers who ever ordered Golden Whistles. Notice that although you need
only fields from the Address Book and Order Details tables, the Orders
table is also included in the query to define the relationship between the
Order Details and Address Book tables.
Figure 3-5:
The select
query finds
who ordered
2 and
19 ), and
lists their
names and
Book III
Chapter 3
2. Click the View button on the toolbar to view the results.
Figure 3-6 shows the datasheet for the query.
3. Click the View button on the toolbar to display Design view.
You don’t want to include the ProductID field in the table that the
make-table query creates, so return to Design view and deselect the
check box in the Show row for the ProductID field.
4. Change the query type to a make-table query by clicking the Make
Table button in the Query Type group on the Design tab of the Ribbon.
Access immediately displays the Make Table dialog box, shown in
Figure 3-7.
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