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Moving Data from One Table to Another with Append Queries
To create an append query, follow these steps:
1. Create a select query that produces the records that you want to add
to another table, and display the query in Design view.
See Chapter 1 of this minibook for details on creating a select query.
You can check the criteria by viewing the datasheet to see whether the
query is selecting the data you want to append. Click the View button on
the toolbar to display the datasheet, and click the View button again to
return to Design view.
2. Change the query type to an append query by clicking the Append
button in the Query Type group on the Design tab of the Ribbon.
Access immediately displays the Append dialog box, shown in Figure 3-8.
Figure 3-8:
The Append
dialog box
tells Access
where you
want to
3. From the Table Name drop-down menu, choose the table to which you
want to append the records.
You can add the records to a table in another database. Find the
database by clicking the Browse button.
4. Click OK.
Access adds an extra row to the design grid: the Append To row. If the
field names match the names of the fields you’re appending, Access
automatically fills in the Append To row with the names of the fields in
the table to which you’re appending records.
5. Carefully check the Append To row of the query grid, and make any
necessary changes.
The Field and Table rows show where the field comes from, and the
Append To row shows where the data will be appended.
If some of the fields don’t have field names in the Append To row,
display the drop-down menu in the Append row, and choose the name
of the field you want to append to. When you’re finished, check each
column to ensure that
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